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you can have a commission from me only 30 points

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Pokemon_Greninja TF Page 3 by TFSubmissions Pokemon_Greninja TF Page 3 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 122 5 Pokemon_Greninja TF Page 2 by TFSubmissions Pokemon_Greninja TF Page 2 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 97 4 Pokemon_Greninja TF Page 1 by TFSubmissions Pokemon_Greninja TF Page 1 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 113 7 More Greninjas! by Nearu-Senpai More Greninjas! :iconnearu-senpai:Nearu-Senpai 95 45 Legendary battle training by Zohaku Legendary battle training :iconzohaku:Zohaku 42 4 Pokemon training battle by Zohaku Pokemon training battle :iconzohaku:Zohaku 68 22 Greninja TF by LupinKurt Greninja TF :iconlupinkurt:LupinKurt 30 19 Leafeon tf comish by RaiinbowRaven Leafeon tf comish :iconraiinbowraven:RaiinbowRaven 176 25 Lopunny TFTG by Thwill Lopunny TFTG :iconthwill:Thwill 83 39 Mega Audino TF by Thwill Mega Audino TF :iconthwill:Thwill 55 38 Greninja TF by Shiiriru Greninja TF :iconshiiriru:Shiiriru 73 175
Angie Froakie TF gift
   It's been two years since Nicole went missing. Angie was walking along the beach thinking of her missing friend. Her mind was full of memories.. The time they were attacked my Tentacruel.. When Nicole turned into a Weavile and beat up Angies Celebi to the time when Nicole almost killed a Fenniken.. ''Is she still alive..?'' Angie taught as she went into her hotel room.
   The next morning Angie decided to go Lumiose City with her Greninja. She needed to buy a new hoodie because her other one was getting too small for her. She stood outside of Boutique Couture and sighed. ''Is something bothering you?'' asked her Greninja. ''No, I'm fine.'' Replied Angie with a smile. She walked inside and bought the hoodie, then quickly went outside. Her Greninjas tummy growled for food. ''Angie.. I'm hungry'' Greninja said. ''We didn't have breakfast yet so lets go.'' Said Angie as they walked down to Café Soleil. ''What can I get you?'' asked the Waitor as the gi
:iconnicoleminaj:NicoleMinaj 5 2
Swapper - Greninja TF by Aleronssword Swapper - Greninja TF :iconaleronssword:Aleronssword 35 10
Greninja TF
A boy named Damien and a girl named Angie was in the restaurant on a date with each other. Soon a waiter comes."Welcome to Chef de Soto! May I tell you about the special?" The waiter said. "Special?" Damien said. "Yeah. It's called human pokepuff." "Erm... what's that?" Angie said. "It's a new food we made today. It looks like a pokepuff, except it's not! It's even taste different! We actually tested one out!" The waiter says as he smiles. "Okay, I'll order that then." Damien said. "Me too." Angie said. "Okay then" The waiter said and leave.
30 minutes later, the waiter comes back with a plate on each hand and place both of the plates in front of them. "2 human pokepuff!" The waiter said. "Hope you like it." He smiles. Then he leaves. Damien look at the human pokepuff. It basically looks like a pokepuff, except bigger. "How about we try it at the same time." Angie said. "Alright." Damien said. They both pick up one of the 'human pokepuff' and take a bite of it. Damien eyes widen. "This
:iconnatetwist99:Natetwist99 12 4
Special Delivery - Greninja Costume TF
“Should be here any day now…” a male muttered under his breath, whom was currently laying on the mattress of his bedroom.
He was waiting for a delivery that was to arrive within a week, currently bored out of his mind waiting for it since it was the sixth day since ordering it. Much as he wanted to try and find something to try and keep his mind off of the crushing boredom, he couldn't find much to do; His home was clean, all the dishes and laundry he had washed and even put away, yet there really wasn't much to do here at all. A sigh came out from him, it adding onto the countless others he let during the week, thinking of hopping onto the computer he had to check the status of the delivery.
Before he could though, he heard several knocks on the front door of his home, getting up from his spot  to answer it. Walking up to the door, he opened it expecting to see a shipping worker standing with the package in hand. However, the lack of said human puzzled him, look
:iconaleronssword:Aleronssword 38 11
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am an Ash-Greninja who Loves tfs, LCF and Poke Puffs ;3
and I love Ash Ketchum

Faveforite pokemon:
Ash-Greninja, Sceptile, Lucario, Umbreon, Gardevoir, Delphox, Meowstic, Lycanroc Mid night, Alolan Ninetails, Blaziken, Absol, Noivern, Salamence, Altaria, Audino, Charizard, Decidueye, Primarina, Lunala, Solgaleo

and pay me 30 points for who wants to commissioning me and requests, exept for HannaOwlet, my bestfriend, and my friend Ippei35, Soul, Neon, Dusky, Nickachu, AshKetchum8992 and Roberta

I am AVALIBLE to make commissions of Single TFs or Comic TFs !

and my goal is to be a contributor of the LCF

Ash Greninja #658 by pokemon3dsprites Ash Greninja Animated Sprite by Diegotoon20thumb562228407: Poke Avvy Icon : Greninja by Kevfin Poke Avvy Icon : Frogadier by Kevfin 658 . Greninja Stamp by cedphzon Ash and Ash-Greninja Pixel Render by MattPlaysVG

Team Burst:
Flint: Blaziken by pokemon3dsprites Mega Blaziken by pokemon3dsprites
Yumina: primarina sprite by MermaidNerin
Silver: Silvally #773 by pokemon3dsprites Silvally (water) #773 by pokemon3dsprites
Anna: Audino by pokemon3dsprites Mega Audino by pokemon3dsprites
Spike: Togedemaru #777 by pokemon3dsprites
Rodri: Spritzee by pokemon3dsprites

Team Lunar:

Luna: Lunala #792 by pokemon3dsprites
Rocky: Shiny Lycanroc-Midnight by MidnightsShinies
Hiro: Incineroar 727 by pokemon3dsprites
Ricky: Decidueye 724 by pokemon3dsprites
Shadow: Yveltal by pokemon3dsprites
Flare: Alolan Marowak #105 by pokemon3dsprites

Team Breack:

Lightning: Cap Pikachu (alola) #025 by pokemon3dsprites
Star Surfer: Alolan Raichu #026 by pokemon3dsprites
Juvia: Alolan Ninetales #038 by pokemon3dsprites
Thunder: Tapu koko #785 by pokemon3dsprites
Lila: Tapu lele #786 by pokemon3dsprites
Kohori: Keldeo by pokemon3dsprites


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